UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439

Parmi les derniers e-mails déclassifiés d’Hillary Clinton se trouvait une lettre datée du 13 septembre 2010, envoyée par l’ancien ambassadeur Joseph C. Wilson après un voyage diplomatique en Irak. Wilson est depuis le départ un critique de l’intervention américaine débutée en 2003. L'analyse qu'il fait de la situation sur place à son retour est poignante. 


"My trip to Baghdad (September 6-11) has left me slack jawed. I have struggled to find the correct historical analogy to describe a vibrant, historically important Middle Eastern city being slowly bled to death. Berlin and Dresden in World War II were devastated but they and their populations were not subjected to seven years of occupation that included ethnic cleansing, segregation of people by religious identity, and untold violence perpetrated upon them by both military and private security services. I have not been to Gaza but suspect that the dehumanizing effects are somewhat similar. … The occupation and especially the walling off of neighborhoods have destroyed the very fabric of the urban society."

"The soldiers I saw on the base are not infused with the commitment to help Iraqis help themselves. I scoured the PX for t-shirts for my kids to memorialize my trip but was hard put to find any that were not horribly bellicose or racist in nature. Shirts with mushroom clouds conveyed the Baghdad weather as 32,000 degrees and partly cloudy. Others referred to Arabs as camel jockeys and those were the least offensive. Were I the commander those shirts would not be on the shelves as they convey adolescent macho Pastor Terry Jones attitudes. The service people don’t see themselves there to bring peace, light, joy or even democracy to Iraq. They are there to kill the “camel jockeys.”"

Source : The Intercept
Document : U.S. Department of State