Fisher : Why Modern Life causes Depression

Courts extraits retranscris d'une courte vidéo composée d'extraits d'une conférence de Mark Fisher. Il est notamment à l'origine du concept de Réalisme Capitaliste. Je vous invite à regarder ces interventions, comme par exemple celle-ci ou celle-là. Pour l'extrait présenté ici, la vidéo est en dessous.


The big lie that has been sold to us by neoliberalism is that if we withdraw security from people, then suddenly they’ll be creative, this wellspring of creativity will just emerge. Okay, all that happens if you remove security from people, is they get like I was when I was self employed. All of their creative energy goes into “how can I make money?”. That’s the energy of this society, that’s a stupid thing for people to have to think about a lot of the time.


Look at all these great people we're supposed to admire now. Not that they've invented anything. Steve Jobs, he didn't invent anything, he's just a parasite. Simon Cowell, he hasn't done anything, he's just a parasite. What are these people good at? They're just good at making money. And that should be enough reward. If that's what you want to devote your life to, just fucking do it. But don't expect us to also admire you and expect that you'll be the model for everyone else all the time. We shouldn’t have to worry about making money all, every waking hour of our days. That’s a depressing kind of reality that has been artificially imposed on us. We can break out of that.


This privatization of stress is normalized. If a lot young people are depressed, “who gives a shit?!” This is the idea. Young people depressed, “that’s just part of life.” It wasn’t part of life! The increase of the depressions among young people is shocking. That ought to be the biggest possible indicator for condemnation of the world in which we are now living. It wasn’t normal for young people to be depressed in the seventies.


Why were the 90s’ the decade of the emergence of cyberspace and of Prozac? How did people cope with these new levels of demands that were placed upon them? They started to take antidepressants, which are now very common, particularly among young people, antidepressant as a hazing thing. You can hear this like this downer haze. That’s what Drake is really interested in. The new Drake record is full of this kind of electro downer haze. Everyone is on downers now to cope with the cyber blitz. Whether it’s antidepressant or other forms of self-medication in order to cope with this. The thing is that, there was a breakdown in the 90s’, and there will be another. We cannot cope with this.