Zizek : Step back and interpret the world better

Un bref extrait d'une interview de Slavoj Zizek donnée en Allemagne  en avril dernier. Ceux qui le connaissent savent que le thème qu'il aborde ici lui est cher, c'est celui de la nécessaire prise de recul et de l'interprétation de la situation et du monde.
L'extrait commence à 27:50. Je vous mets la vidéo en dessous. 

Hegel was, and I know it sounds crazy, more materialist than Marx. With Marx, we still have this basic trust into the future, a certain evolutionary progressism, even if it’s not automatic, determinist, but “the present situation opens up hope for a communist future” and so and so on. Hegel was much more open and pessimist if you want.
Look, you know when Hegel says in Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts that the Owl of Minerva, wisdom or philosophy, comes only in the evening, and can only explain conceptually social situation and order which are already disappearing. We cannot predict the future. The situation is much more radically open for Hegel. Marx was here the determinist I claim. We have to get rid of this last remainder of evolutionary determinism in Marx. And also, second thing, I give you a radical provocation here, which raises the hair of many orthodox Marxists. You know, perhaps the best known phrase of Marx is the 11th thesis :

The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.
But isn’t it that the lesson of the 20th century is maybe the opposite one :
We tried to change the world too fast, without knowing what we are doing, and we ended up with Stalinism and so on. 
So that maybe our 11th thesis today should rather be :
We should not just try to change the world, we should step back and interpret it better.